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The name Essential Investing comes from the belief that wealth management and the investment world as a whole have grown overly complex. As such, we focus on essential truths to investment management, consulting, and planning.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we only charge a management fee based on the quantity of assets managed. We do not collect commissions, and thus our only incentive is to grow your accounts. We also have made the deliberate decision to undercharge relative to the majority of our competition in an effort to pass the savings from our lean business structure on to our clients.

We are unconstrained investors and can therefore invest in anything that we deem worthwhile. There are no outside influences leading us to push clients towards funds or opportunities.  Simply, we seek opportunities for investment, evaluate their finances, management team, and deal structure, then determine an appropriate course of action by client.

Technology is leveraged as efficiently as possible.  We offer a variety of investment approaches for clients and leverage all resources available to us to provide accurate and timely reporting, up to date views of accounts, and efficient communication.

It is our belief that our clients should have all the information they need readily available to them in an easy to understand format.  Clients should always know what is happening with their accounts.

We believe in always seeking the “why” behind investing: the motivation of our clients and the drivers of investment performance.  The answers drive us to better performance and align us with our clients.  Schedule a free, no obligation consultation today and experience the difference at Essential Investing.

4067 E Shangri La Rd Phoenix, AZ 85028
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